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April 11, 2022

[STARTALK] The Practice of Customer Segmentation for a Better Market Acknowledgment

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, In addition to identifying and determining the target market, mapping customer segmentation is essential for startups. To obtain clarity of activities that are []
March 25, 2022

[STARTALK] Understanding the Basic Knowledge of Taxes for Early-stage Startups

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, Legal knowledge and taxation in a startup are also often poorly understood and forgotten by startup founders, especially those who are just developing []
February 26, 2021

[STARTALK] Understanding the Methods and Tools of Rapid Prototyping

Hi Startup Enthusiast, Aktivitas pengembangan startup selalu berkaitan dengan produk dan servis, yang mengharuskan para startup untuk memahami cara pembuatan prototipe. Rapid prototyping membantu sebuah startup []