March 20, 2023

[STARPODS] Can Women-Led Startups Exceed to the Top?

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, In the opportunity of International Women’s Day, Skystar Ventures is bringing together successful women leaders from the startup industry to share their experiences, []
March 9, 2023

[STARTALK] Prototyping & User Testing: What to Do and How to Do It?

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, Learning how to effectively prototype and conduct user testing can greatly enhance the quality of a product, as it enables designers to identify []
February 15, 2023

[STARLEARN] The End-to-End Exercise for Startup’s Market Research

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, Identification of market research can be the key to building a strong foundation for a startup. How to do the right and thorough []
February 15, 2023

[STARPODS] How Market Research can Make or Break a Startup

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, What happens to a startup founded without in-depth market research identification? How big is the impact of market research on the development of []
February 15, 2023

[STARTALK] ‘What-to-How’ Guides on Building Your Startup From Zero

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, The development phase of a startup often raises its own challenges and questions in the early stages of its development. Such as the []
January 16, 2023

[STARPODS] Is it the Right Time to Build a Startup?

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, The startup industry has become a very advanced and popular industry in recent years. However, recent events in the startup industry have raised []
December 9, 2022

[STARTALK] Employees Welfare and Future of Work at Startup

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, Work activities must be adjusted by the company to maintain the comfort and safety of its company members. What kind of work environment []
December 9, 2022

[STARTALK] The HR Perspectives on Effective Recruitment in 2023

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, The new year also brings new plans and opportunities for the startup industry. Not only for the industry but also for those who []
November 9, 2022

[STARTALK] with the Venture Capitals Series “Venture Capital’s Perspective towards the Startup’s Industry and Landscape”

The startup industry can keep growing until this day due to the support of none other than Venture Capitalists. It is an excellent opportunity for developing []
November 9, 2022

[STARTALK] Growth Hacking for Rapid Business Development

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, The startup industry is known for its rapid development and business activity. Startups need to maximize all the channels and resources they have []
October 7, 2022

[STARTALK] The Activation of Digital Marketing Analytics for Startup’s Automation

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, Digital marketing activation has become an element that must be implemented by startups or businesses in general. Therefore, it is important for startups []
September 22, 2022

Career Building “Refine Your Passion: Turning Initial Ideas into Prospective Business Plans” Vol.4 #LearnFromTouchten

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, Menentukan pilihan karir pasti bukanlah hal yang mudah, terutama untuk generasi muda. Seringkali muncul pertanyaan bagaimana menentukan pilihan untuk berkarir menjadi profesional atau []