July 14, 2022

[STARTALK] The Practice of Financial Management for Startup’s Commercial Stability

Hi Startup Enthusiast, Manajemen keuangan untuk startup tahap awal sering kali menjadi tantangan karena banyak perusahaan yang masih terbengkalai dalam operasi bisnis mereka dan berjuang untuk []
June 29, 2022

[STARTALK] Fundraising 101: The Roadmap for Startup’s Financial Stability

Hi Startup Enthusiast, Ibarat kendaraan yang membutuhkan bahan bakar untuk dapat beroperasi. Startup dan bisnis yang memiliki business model ataupun strategy yang optimal juga tidak akan []
June 29, 2022

[STARTALK] Determining the Key Business Metrics to Optimize Startup’s Performance

Hi Startup Enthusiast, Dalam sebuah startup, sangat penting untuk memiliki tolak ukur yang jelas untuk menilai performa dari aktivitas-aktivitas bisnis yang dijalankan. Penentuan tolak ukur dari []
June 21, 2022

[STARTALK] Establishing Potential Revenue Model to Determine Startup’s Pricing Strategy

Hi Startup Enthusiast, Startup harus membangun dan menentukan strategi model bisnis dan strategi penentuan harga yang tepat sehingga memungkinkan startup untuk mengembangkan ide bisnis yang potensial, []
May 11, 2022

[STARTALK] The Roadmap of Startup’s Product Development Process

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, The very rapid development of the startup industry creates quite tough competition for startups that are still just developing. Having a unique and []
May 11, 2022

[STARTALK] Early-stage Startups’ Guides of Prototyping Methods and Validation Process

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, What comes to mind must be thousands of steps and a complex system when talking about prototyping. Whereas prototyping has many methods and []
April 11, 2022

[STARTALK] The Practice of Customer Segmentation for a Better Market Acknowledgment

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, In addition to identifying and determining the target market, mapping customer segmentation is essential for startups. To obtain clarity of activities that are []
April 11, 2022

[STARTALK] Customer Development 101: Finding and Understanding Startup’s Potential Market

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, Often startups are trapped and even experience failure due to not being able to determine the intended target market. At the same time, []
March 25, 2022

[STARTALK] Understanding the Basic Knowledge of Taxes for Early-stage Startups

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, Legal knowledge and taxation in a startup are also often poorly understood and forgotten by startup founders, especially those who are just developing []
March 8, 2022

[STARTALK] The Importance of Legal and Intellectual Property for Startups

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, Startup founders have to prepare ideas, products, and their team and need to take care of their business legal obligations. Often forgotten, the []
February 16, 2022

[STARTALK] Elaborating Vision and Mission into Excellent Leadership Management

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, Just like a ship that will not reach its destination if no captain gives directions. Startups will also not achieve their targets if []
February 16, 2022

[STARTALK] Establishing Team Formation and Structure for Startup

Hi Startup Enthusiasts, A clear and good team formation and structure have a significant impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of communication to the work of []