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Skystar Ventures is a tech incubator and coworking space founded by Universitas Multimedia Nusantara (UMN) and Kompas Gramedia Group (KGG). We target early stage startups in the Internet, mobile, social, education, and eCommerce sectors. Startups that disrupt traditional models excite us. More importantly, we seek out founders who are dedicated to making a positive impact in Indonesia.

Our comprehensive incubation program enables us to provide direct and multidisciplinary support to founders, enabling accelerated growth. Our diverse network of mentors help founders obtain the guidance required to build thriving companies. We also provide coworking space for our founders to utilize for work, meetings, and conference space.

Backed by one of the largest media groups, Kompas Gramedia, we are able to provide founders access to their unrivaled network of media and business units in multiple industries to help grow and scale your business. We are committed to providing the resources required to help startups create sustainable businesses in Indonesia.

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Skystar Ventures helps founders tap into KGG’s diverse network of distribution channels to strategically market their product or service and quickly build a customer base. The company’s business units involved in media, property, education, event management, and hospitality, just to name a few, enable founders to directly access their target markets.


We see the lack of mentorship available for technopreneurs in Indonesia. Skystar Ventures' focus is to develop these startups by providing a supportive working environment that allows access to established, key industry professionals. Experts in media and tech are always sharing their knowledge at our incubator. We take a pragmatic approach and connect founders to these experts, based on their needs.

Access to

We partner with strategic, long-term investors to help our founders fulfill their capital needs. This enables us to support companies at any point of their business life cycle, in any given market environment.

Access to
Fresh Talent

Every startup must have a team consisting of a hipster (Design & User Experience), a hustler (Marketing & Business), and a hacker (Engineer & Developer). These three core characters, commonly referred to as The Startup Triangle Team, are needed to be the foundation for building a startup. These three roles can be found from the talents of Multimedia Nusantara University's students.

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Management Team

Geraldine Oetama

Skystar Capital

Yovita Surianto

Business Incubator Manager
Skystar Ventures

Cinthya Tania

Head of Community
Skystar Ventures

Andrew Henderson

Head of Program
Skystar Ventures

Egin Arissa S.

Creative Coordinator
Skystar Ventures

Susi Setya

Accounting Administrator
Skystar Ventures

Dimas Justianus

Community Officer
Skystar Ventures

Michelle Greysianti

Program Officer
Skystar Ventures

I Made Wija

Creative Officer
Skystar Ventures

Farah Diba

Partnership Officer
Skystar Ventures

Notable Mentors

Mario Agustian Lasut

Gabriella Thohir

Brian Marshall

Tyo Guritno

Peter Shearer

Jaka Wiradisuria

Faris Rahman

Irzan Raditya

Andrey Andoko

Current Mentors

Alexander Jatra

Jason Rusli

Stevanus Christopel

Vander Lesnussa

Seto Lareno

Past Mentors

Andre Benito

Ivan Lalamentik

Irfan Prabowo

Leontius Adhika Pradhana

Prasetyo Andy W

Arvy Budiarto

Lukman Benjamin

Nacita Kanyandara

Dina Kosasih

Kevin Wijaya

Atika Benedikta

Ferry Tenka

Indra Dhanurendra