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Access to Talent

Skystar Ventures provides our member access to top-tier university students and fresh graduates.


Expand your network with like-minded professionals and founders from various industries.

Strategic Network

Connecting you to strategic local and international partners in the government, media and education sectors.

community link helps
your business scale

Private Office spaces
that will adapt your
growing team

A one-stop solution providing businesses with state of the art facilities and services to work effectively

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Can't find what you're
looking for?

No need to worry, we'll help you to find the best one.

Various meeting & event spaces to
suit your needs.

Skystar Ventures provide a versatile meeting & event venues suitable
for professional networking events or social-friendly activities that fits
50-100+ people inclusive of food & beverages.

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Antlia Room

4 - 6 people

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Volans Room

 6 - 8 people

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Auriga Room

 4 - 6 people

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Musca Room

 8 - 10 people

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Capella Room

 10 - 12 people

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Vela Room

 10 - 12 people

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Lacerta Room

 25 - 30 people

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Event Space

 50 - 100 people

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Get your inspiration by working
anywhere in Skystar Ventures

Find your favorite spots at Skystar Ventures spacious outdoor area, fun gaming room,
comfy lounge, private discussion space, and have a cup of coffee at cozy cafe.


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